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How/Why Space Mirror Formed in Space

We can see luminous objects or illuminated objects. We cannot see anything in dark.  An object how bigger it may be, become smaller and smaller as it goes away and away from our eye sight, the thing appears us smaller and smaller till it disappears from our eye sight. But mechanically it appears the angular size of any objects (smaller or bigger) will never be zero at any place of our real universe.

Sun is the only luminous object which gives light to the entire solar system and formed a grandest spherical atmosphere. All the space objects including earth are floating on it. As the inhabitant of earth we are observing and calculating everything, appearing to our surrounding. We have rightly calculated that sun is 3 lakhs time bigger than earth in mass but it appears like a football to us. We also know that the sun is about 150 million Kilometers away from the earth. But in reverse it appears earth- like object would be ZERO or completely disappeared at sun’s distance. Since we find our earth-like object/imaginary earth as ZERO at the distance of 150 million kilometers, we can never see anything ahead of it. Here starts the game of reflection.  

Sun gives light to the 50% of earth. Another 50% of earth covers with the darkness. The shadow of earth runs within the sun light. Since at the distance of 150 million Kilometers, the point of earth's shadow becomes completely disappear/ZERO, so we meet the space mirror and such space mirror is reflecting solar system reversely near about the area of 75 million Kilometers meets another space mirror. Therefore, which mirror we meet first at the point of earth shadow creates an unlimited depth of space, because the objects within the area of such 75 million Kilometers between two space mirrors are reflecting each other unlimitedly as front and back. Though the giant telescope installed by various world space organizations, have discovered a lot of mysteries at hundreds of light years distances, i.e. asteroids, milky way’s, galaxies, supernovas, white dwarfs, nebulas, black holes, extra solar systems etc; these mysteries are not real mysteries and are created from space mirror. Other hand the Cause of above rule of reflection on the point of sun, sun spots appear on sun.

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